Uterus Invaders iOS Game
Art Direction, Game Design, UI/UX
Lyft Luck Slot Machine
Advertising, Art Direction, Industrial Design
The Innovation Box for P&G
Advertising, Animation, AR/VR
The Poutinerie: A Popup Brand Experience
Art Direction, Advertising
Capital One Elements Brand Strategy
Art Direction, Interior Design, Advertising
Fake News: The iOS Game
Game Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX
19 Crimes 360 Set Design
Art Direction, Set Design, Film
Luden's Throat Drops — Social Content
Art Direction, Set Design, Photography
Volkswagen #PinkBeetle Spot
Art Direction, Advertising, Set Design
Volkswagen World Auto Commercials
Art Direction, Advertising, Set Design
Main & Vine Social Content
Art Direction, Advertising, Culinary Arts
The It Kit — Sex Education Prototype
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Product Design
Mr. Robot Season One | Launch Campaign
Set Design, Advertising
Facebook Trends Visualization
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
ISL Year in Review 2015
Art Direction, Photography, Web Design
Kroger "Taste of..." Campaigns
Advertising, Art Direction
Dot, the iOS App
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
The Facebook Mentions Box
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
DoubleTree Home & Away iPad App
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX
The Talk / Thesis Publication Design
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
The New Talk Installation Design
Graphic Design
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