At the end of 2014, suddenly it was December and our team realized we hadn't made anything to reflect back on the year — but it was kind of a great thing that we waited till 2015, which ended up being a huge year for ISL! We moved into a new office, launched a new website (finally!), grew a TON, and upped our content creation game by about a thousand. It was a big year. And it needed a little website to wrap it up.
One of our main concerns was actually being able to design and build the site in a pretty short time period, since we're famous for biting off more than we can chew. We wanted each page to have distinct visuals with a very similar layout, to involve as many team members as possible while keeping development simple. 
The intro page features a scrolling gradient fade and one giant button.
One of our biggest accomplishments — a brand new, custom-built office — deserved a super rad header. James Bonilla illustrated our new building, and he and Spencer Joynt screenprinted a bunch of posters (which some of us got to keep, hell yeah!). We framed it, painted a bunch of our colleagues' hands with metallic paint, and shot the image in the studio.
Plus, we somehow managed to work in this sickkkk portrait of James — starting a portrait series that I swear will take me years to complete.
It was our company's 8th birthday this year, so naturally we thew our CMO and Managing Director, DJ Saul, an 8 year old's birthday 😄 (Yes, the confetti took forever to clean up.)
A couple of our interns, Shane and Natalia, built this computer out of cardboard and neon paper, and our fearless leader Zach Goodwin came in to man the magic wand, making a pretttty sweet little gif for the page featuring our new site.
A page about our work with a video header featuring clips from our 2015 reel.
Static comps could not possibly do these gifs, css animations, and videos justice. So, a screencap walkthrough!
We were featured alongside some pretty amazing year in review projects, which was so awesome! Thanks everybody!
The Team
The team for this project was pretty huge — we wanted to involve as many of us as we could for maximum fun.
Creative Direction: Zach Goodwin
Art Direction: Myself & An-Phuong Ly
Website Design: Alyssa Morrison
Development: Eli Fitch
Photography: Myself
Illustration of Wonderbread Factory: James Bonilla
Screenprinting of Wonderbread Factory Illustration: Spencer JoyntJames Bonilla
Illustration GIF for "81 and Counting": Crystal Au 
Computer build for "We Got a Makeover": Shane Sullivan and Natalia Wozniak
Gif for "We Got a Makeover": Vinh Le
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