Air Canada recently introduced new routes from the Denver International airport to Asia and Australia. But the people of Denver thought Air Canada only Canada. Unaided awareness for the new routes was shockingly low, at only 2%. 
Our task was to create an integrated campaign, centered around an experiential activation, that would create a splash in Denver. The ultimate goal? More awareness. And more bookings.
Our team at ISL created The Poutinerie, a popup restaurant in the heart of Denver that only served Canada's favorite comfort food — poutine. 
With flavors designed for each route, visitors got a taste for Air Canada's far-flung destinations while experiencing the soul of the brand in a real-life, physical space. 
We designed the interior of The Poutinerie from the ground-up in an old, abandoned bar — covering every surface and building many new pieces to bring the activation to life. 
In addition to the experiential portion of the campaign, we also created out of home, radio, pre-roll, and digital ads, placed strategically throughout Denver to boost awareness.
I worked closely with ISL's ECD and Director of Production to concept and direct the creation of all campaign elements, from the physical design of the space to every single ad unit and even the poutine flavors themselves (yes, we did find ourselves at work late one night naming Chinese poutine flavors...and it did make us a tad hungry). 
And it worked. Unaided awareness soared 350% immediately after the campaign. Previous fliers are now 4x more likely to consider Air Canada when flying to Asia and Australia. Out of home ads outperformed benchmarks by 20%. And of the hundreds of business travelers surveyed, 100% reported enjoying their experience at The Poutinerie. 
Zach Goodwin, Executive Creative Director
Lauren Travis Everett, Director of Integrated Production
Maggie Winters Gaudaen, Senior Art Director
Zach Saale, Director of Hardware
Kevin Melhuish, Account Director
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