In a nation where almost half of teenagers will have sexual intercourse before the end of high school, only 22 states require that schools provide any sort of sex education for their students. 

While many in the education community can agree that teenagers should receive comprehensive sex education, research has shown that there is virtually no discussion of the graphic design of the materials to be given to students during sex education. 

The New Talk project’s goal was to start a conversation around sex education and how we might improve it.
The project included a research paper, book compliation and design, gallery exhibition, and campaign materials.
The Talk is the publication for my senior thesis project at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. 
The goal of this publication is to begin a conversation about sex education in the U.S. with the readers and provoke thought among those who come in contact with the piece.
Throughout my research, it seems that sex education is hidden away at the end of gym class or health class in many schools and isn't given a lot of attention. I believe that our attitude toward sex education informs the design quality of the materials: not well considered and in many cases inappropriate for their audience. Handout materials tend to be designed for children, with adult content, or too scientific and sterile to relate to teenagers. 
The publication was printed on lined notebook paper from a Five Star notebook and sewn together on my sewing machine for an accessible, casual, zine feel. Type was set in Univers.
Also included as part of my thesis project is The Talk newspaper, which is on Behance here.
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